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Listed below are some of the courses that can be used to satisfy the course requirements for MS options or PhD areas of emphasis, with the approval of your Graduate Adviser. Descriptions of the courses can be found in the General Catalog.  This list is by no means exhaustive and will change as new courses are offered and some courses are dropped.

Upper division courses are numbered 100-199 and Graduate level courses are numbered 200-299.
F - Fall; W - Winter; S - Spring; Su - Summer.  Quarter offered (shown in parentheses) may change (and often does).

ABT (Applied Biological Systems Technology)
142  Equipment and Technology for Small Farms (S)
165  Irrigation Practices for an Urban Environment (W)
181N  Concepts and Methods in Geographic Information Systems (W, odd years)
182  Environmental Analysis Using GIS (W, even years)
233  Pest Control Practices (W, odd years)

ATM (Atmospheric Science)
116  Climate Change (S)
133  Biometerology (W)
233  Advanced Biometerology (W, even years)

BIS (Biological Sciences)
104  Cell Biology (F,W,S)
180L  Genomics Laboratory (S)
181  Comparative Genomics (F)
183  Functional Genomics (S)

BIT (Biotechnology)
150  Applied Bioinformatics
(no longer offered)
160  Principles of Plant Biotechnology (W)
161A  Genetics and Biotechnology Lab (S)
161B  Plant Genetics and Biotechnology Lab (S)

ECL (Ecology)
201  Ecosystems and Landscape Ecology (W; cross-listed with PLS 163) (no longer offered)
206  Concepts and Methods in Plant Community Ecology (F) (not currently offered)
207  Plant Population Biology (W) (not currently offered)
216  Ecology and Agriculture (F, even years; temporarily not being offered)
242  Ecological Genetics (F, maybe not every year)

ENH (Environmental Horticulture)
100  Urban Forestry (F)
101  Trees of the Urban Forest (F)
120  Management of Container Media (F)
125  Greenhouse and Nursery Crop Production (W)
130  Turfgrass and Amenity Grassland Utilization and Management (S) (no longer offered)
133  Woody Plants in the Landscape: Growth, Ecology and Management (W)
150  Genetics and Plant Conservation: The Biodiversity Crisis (S)
160  Restoration Ecology (S)
160L  Restoration Ecology Lab (S)
229  Analysis of Horticultural Problems (S) (no longer offered)

ENT (Entomology)
110  Arthropod Pest Management (W)
119  Apiculture (S)
135  Introduction to Biological Control (F, even years)
230  Advanced Biological Control (not offered recently)

ESM (Environmental Science and Management)
100  Principles of Hydrologic Science (F)
141  Role of Fire in the Natural Ecosystems (W, even years)
186  Environmental Remote Sensing (W)
186L  Environmental Remote Sensing Lab (W)

ESP (Environmental Science and Policy)
127  Plant Conservation Biology (W, but not every year)
155  Wetland Ecology (F)
155L  Wetland Ecology Lab (F)

EVE (Evolution and Ecology)
108  Systematics and Evolution of Angiosperms (S)

FST (Food Science and Technology)
117  Design and Analysis for Sensory Food Science (F)

GGG (Genetics - Graduate Level)
201A  Advanced Genetic Analysis (F)
201B  Genomics (W)
201C  Molecular Biology (S) (no longer offered)
201D  Quantitative and Population Genetics (S)
291  Seminar in History of Genetics (F)
297  Seminar in Plant Genetics (W, odd years)

HRT (Horticulture)
251  Modeling Horticultural Systems (W, even years)

HYD (Hydrologic Science)
110  Irrigation Principles and Practices (has not been offered recently)
124  Plant-Water-Soil Relationships (S)
134  Aqueous Geochemistry (S)
143  Hydrological Processes in Ecosystems (W, even years)
144  Groundwater Hydrology (F)
200  Survey of Hydrologic Sciences (F)

IAD (International Agricultural Development)
202N  Analysis and Determinants of Farming Systems (S)

LDA (Landscape Architecture)
150  Geographic Information Systems for Land Planners (F)
180F  Landscape Ecology (W, not every year) (no longer offered)
other courses in the LDA 180 series (varies) (no longer offered)
201  Theory and Philosophy of the Design Environment (W, may be sporadic)
205  Physical Planning and Design (F)
260  Landscape and Power (sporadic)
270  Environment and Behavior (not offered recently)
280  Landscape Conservation (W, odd years)

MCB (Molecular and Cellular Biology)
121  Advanced Molecular Biology (F,W,S)
126  Plant Biochemistry (W)
161  Molecular Genetics (no longer offered)
163  Developmental Genetics (W? S? sporadic)
182  Principles of Genomics (W)
263  Biotechnology Fundamentals and Application (W)

NEM (Nematology)
100  General Plant Nematology (F; even years, usually)
110  Introduction to Nematology (W)
201  Molecular and Physiological Plant Nematology (no longer offered)
203  Ecology of Parasitic Nematodes (no longer offered)
204  Management of Plant-Parasitic Nematodes (S, odd years)

PLB (Plant Biology - Upper Division Undergraduate)
102  California Floristics (S)
105  Developmental Plant Anatomy (F)
108  Systematics and Evolution of Angiosperms (S)
111  Plant Physiology (F)
112  Plant Growth and Development (W)
113  Molecular and Cellular Biology of Plants (S)
116  Plant Morphology and Evolution (W)
117  Plant Ecology (F)
119  Population Biology of Weeds (S, maybe just odd years)
123  Plant-Virus-Vector Interaction (F, odd years)
126  Plant Biochemistry (W)
143  Evolution of Crop Plants (S)

PBI (Plant Biology - Graduate Level)
200A  PBGG Core Course (F)
200B  PBGG Core Course (W)
200C  PBGG Core Course (S)
210  Plant Ecophysiology (W, odd years)
212  Physiology of Herbicidal Action (sporadic, offered Fall 2016)
214  Higher Plant Cell Walls (F, even years)
220  Plant Developmental Biology (W, odd years)
223  Special Topics in Scientific Method (F)
227  Plant Molecular Biology (W, even years, usually)
201 Plant Senescence:  Cellular and Molecular Aspects (no longer offered)
202  Advanced Physiology of Cultivated Plants (no longer offered)
203N  Biology of the Plant Cell (no longer offered)
205ABC Advanced Plant Physiology (no longer offered)
206ABC Advanced Plant Physiology Laboratory (no longer offered)
208 Plant Hormones and Regulators (no longer offered)
211 Ecophysical Methods (no longer offered)
219 Reproductive Biology of Flowering Plants (no longer offered)
224 Water in Physiology and Ecology of Plants (no longer offered)

PLP (Plant Pathology)
120  Introduction to Plant Pathology (F, S)
123  Plant-Virus-Vector Interaction (F, odd years)
148  Introductory Mycology (F)
205AB  Diseases of Vegetable and Field Crops (S, even years; may just be A that's offered)
206AB Diseases of Fruit, Nut, and Vine Crops (S, odd years?; may just be A that's offered)
210  Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Plant-Microbe Interaction (W)
224  Advanced Mycology (not offered recently)
230  Plant Virology (S, odd years)

PLS (Plant Sciences)
100A  Metabolic Processes of Cultivated Plants (F)
100AL  Metabolic Processes of Cultivated Plants Lab (F)
100B  Growth and Yield of Cultivated Plants (W)
100BL  Growth and Yield of Cultivated Plants Lab (W)
100C  Environmental Interactions of Cultivated Plants (S)
100CL  Environmental Interactions of Cultivated Plants Lab (S)
102  California Floristics (S)
105  Concepts in Pest Management (F)
110A  Principles of Agronomic Crop Production in Temperate and Tropical Systems (F, odd years)
110C  Crop Management Systems for Vegetable Production (F, even years)
110L  Principles of Agronomy Laboratory (F, odd years)
112  Forage Crop Production (W)
113  Biological Applications in Fruit Tree Management (W)
114  Biological Applications in Fruit Tree Production (S)
130  Rangelands: Ecology, Conservation and Restoration (W)
131  Identification and Ecology of Grasses (S, odd years - but may be cancelled after 2015)
144  Trees and Forests (F)
147  Survey of Plant Communities of California (S)
147L  Survey of Plant Communities of California Lab (field trips) (S)
150  Sustainability and Agroecosystem Management (S)
152  Plant Genetics (F)
154  Plant Breeding (W)
157  Physiology of Environmental Stresses in Plants (no longer offered)
158  Mineral Nutrition of Plants (S, odd years)
160  Agroforestry: Global and Local Perspectives (F, even years)
162  Urban Ecology (W)
163  Ecosystems and Landscape Ecology (W)
170A  Fruit and Nut Cropping Systems (F, odd years)
170B  Fruit and Nut Cropping Systems (S, even years)
171  Plant Propagation(S)
172  Postharvest Physiology and Technology (F)
172L  Postharvest Physiology and Technology Lab (F)
173  Molecular and Cellular Aspects of Postharvest Biology (S, even years)
174  Microbiology and Safety of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables (F, possibly alternate years)
176  Introduction to Weed Science (W)
178  Biology and Management of Fresh Water Macrophytes (F; may be sporadic)
196  Postharvest Technology of Horticultural Crops (S)
205  Experimental Design and Analysis (W)
206  Multivariate Systems and Modeling (F)
212  Postharvest Biology and Biotechnology of Fruits and Nuts (S, even years)
213   Postharvest Physiology of Vegetables (S, sporadically; not currently offered)
220  Genomics Based Breeding/Genomics and Biotechnology of Plant Improvement (sporadic)
221  Genomics and Breeding of Vegetable Crops (not currently offered)
222  Advanced Plant Breeding (S)

SSC (Soil Science)
107  Soil Physics (F)
109  Sustainable Nutrient Management (S)
111  Soil Microbiology (W)
112  Soil Ecology (no longer offered)
118  Soils in Land Use and the Environment (S)
120  Soil Genesis, Morphology, and Classification (S)
205  Field Studies of Soils in California Ecosystems (Su)
208  Soil-Plant Interrelationships (not currently offered)
211  Advanced Soil Microbiology (F, even years)
218  Soil Erosion and Conservation (not offered recently)
219  Ecosystem Biogeochemistry (S, odd years)
220  Pedology (W? even years?)
222  Organic Chemistry of Soil (W, odd years)

VEN (Viticulture and Enology)
101ABC  Viticultural Practices (F-W-S)
110  Grapevine Growth and Physiology (W)
115  Raisin and Table Grape Production (F; not clear if it is still being offered)
118  Grapevine Pests, Diseases and Disorders (F)
210  Grape Development and Composition (S, odd years)
216  Vineyard Establishment and Development (F, but not every year)
217  Field and GIS Evaluation of Soils (W, but not every year)

WFC (Wildlife, Fish and Conservation Biology)
154  Conservation Biology (F)
155  Habitat Conservation and Restoration (W) (not currently being offered)
156  Plant Geography (S, odd years) (no longer offered)
157  Coastal Ecosystems (S, even years) (no longer offered)