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For Masters Students

  MS Study Plan Forms:    Excel    pdf

  Sample Timeline for Masters Student

  Annual MS Thesis Committee Report, for Master's (Plan I) students

  Suggested Courses List, by Course

  Suggested Courses List, by Areas of Specialization

  MS Plan II Comprehensive Exam Committee Approval Form

For PhD Students

  Guidance Committee Report Form

  Sample Timeline for PhD Student

  Annual Dissertation Committee Report (pre-Qualifying Exam), for PhD students who have not yet advanced to candidacy

  Annual Dissertation Committee Report, for PhD students who have advanced to candidacy

  Sample Qualifying Exam Topics and Suggested Classes

  Qualifying Exam Procedures for the Horticulture and Agronomy Grad Group

  April 2021 QE Workshop Presentation

  QE Flowchart

  QE Checklist

For All Students

   Thesis/Dissertation Guidelines for Horticulture & Agronomy

   Annual Student Support Survey

General Information

  Graduate Studies Adviser's Handbook

  Graduate Student Guide (published by the Office of Graduate Studies)

  Suggested Courses List