Fall Quarter 2011

Translating Research beyond Academia Graduate Student Seminar Series

Education Outreach and Broader Impacts

Geography 298, Section 001
2 units; CRN #66159
Thursdays 1:10-3:00 pm
166 Hunt Hall
Instructors: Kandace Knudson and Joyce Gutstein,
John Muir Institute of the Environment

The fall quarter seminar features guest speakers and hands-on exercises led by campus and regional experts in education and community outreach. Participants will learn to use education outreach strategies to communicate and achieve broader impacts with the public. Students will develop a personal outreach plan related to their own research, write a broader impacts statement applicable to grant proposals, and learn conceptual and practical approaches for sharing academic knowledge and research with communities, school students, youth, and the general public. Emphasis will be on clearly articulating the "what" to communicate, understanding "who" (audiences), appropriate ways to reach audiences in different settings, and how to assess whether objectives are achieved. Students will present their outreach plans in the last session. Graduate students from any discipline or program are encouraged to participate. Postdocs are welcome as auditors with prior approval of course facilitators.

This seminar is part of a year long series sponsored by the John Muir Institute of the Environment. Graduate students gain professional skills for careers beyond academia and learn effective strategies for communicating research and academic knowledge to communities, youth and the general public (fall), to the media (winter) and to policy and decision-makers (spring). Seminars combine presentations from experts in the field with collaborative work sessions aimed towards creating products, including those related to students' own research. Students may participate in any or all of the 3 quarters and will receive 2 units per quarter.

For more information about the Translating Research seminar series, email Kandace Knudson at kmknudson@ucdavis.edu